Syringe & Particle Counting

We have decades of expertise in aircraft engine fuel flow control parts and systems.

This harsh environment forbids the release of micro-particles that can damage the engine.

In order to ensure the quality of our machined parts, we have had an ATEX p environment building for 10 years, which allows us to simulate flight conditions.

comptage particule sous bino

banc de test

seringage piece

lavage sous haute pression

comptage particule

test photo piece mecanique

In this building we carry out the following processes :

  • Syringing
  • Pressure test (300 bar)
  • Automatic washing of mechanical parts with paraffin
  • Testing and simulation of the sub-assembly on a paraffin bench
  • Particle counting

The major aeronautical players trust us for the cleaning and testing of their repair and original equipment parts.